Texas Forensic Science Commission

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Open Records Request Form

Please look through our website before making an open records request, as it may contain the requested information in digital form.

You may submit your request online by using the form below, or you may download the Open Records Request Form in PDF format and submit your request via email, fax or postal mail.

Please list information as specifically as possible. Attach a separate sheet if necessary.

A copy of the information will be mailed to the address listed above. Please note that if the cost of the request will exceed $40.00, the Texas Forensic Science Commission will charge for personnel time, overhead and postage. 


In making this request, I understand the Texas Forensic Science Commission is under no obligation to create a document to satisfy my request or to comply with a standing request for information. I further understand the information will be released only in accordance with the Public Information Act, which may require a determination as to confidentiality by the Texas Attorney General prior to a release. I further understand that the Texas Forensic Science Commission has 10 business days in which to request such determination.

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