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You may submit your information via PDF (Complaint Form PDF) or the online version below.

The Texas Forensic Science Commission (“FSC”) investigates complaints alleging professional negligence or misconduct that would substantially affect the integrity of the results of a forensic analysis conducted by an accredited crime laboratory. The Commission also has jurisdiction to investigate non-accredited forensic disciplines and non-accredited entities under more limited circumstances, such as to make observations regarding best practices or for educational purposes. (For a comprehensive review of the Commission’s jurisdiction, please refer to Tex. Code Crim. Proc. 38.01 as amended by Tex. S.B. 1238, 83rd Leg., R.S. (2013)).

Please be aware that the FSC investigates allegations involving “forensic analysis.” This term includes any medical, chemical, toxicological, ballistic, or other expert examination or test performed on physical evidence, including DNA evidence, for the purpose of determining the connection of the evidence to a criminal action. 

However, the term “forensic analysis” does not include the portion of an autopsy conducted by a medical examiner or other forensic pathologist who is a licensed physician. Please be advised that if you submit a complaint regarding the results of an autopsy, it is highly likely your complaint will be dismissed. (Note: the forensic testing done in connection with an autopsy, such as toxicology, is included within the Commission’s jurisdiction even though the autopsy itself is not.)

The FSC will examine the details of your complaint to determine what level of investigation to perform, if any. All complaints are taken seriously. Because of the complex nature and number of complaints received by the FSC, we cannot give you any specific date by which that review may be completed.

If the criteria for an investigation are met, the FSC will send a letter to the laboratory/facility and/or individual(s) named in the complaint indicating that the FSC has received the complaint. The FSC will then request a response from the entity and/or individual who is the subject of the complaint. We may also need to obtain additional information from you.

If the criteria for an investigation are not met or the FSC declines to investigate further, you will receive a letter from the FSC.

The Commission’s statute allows it to withhold from disclosure information submitted regarding a complaint until the final investigative report is issued. However, after a report is issued, all information and complaints are subject to public disclosure under the Texas Public Information Act (Texas Government Code Chapter 552).

You may submit a complaint without disclosing your identity. However, the FSC cannot guarantee your anonymity. Also, please note that filing a complaint without disclosing your identity may impede the investigation process, especially if our ability to contact you is limited.

Your cooperation, patience and understanding are appreciated.

1. Person Completing this Form
2. Subject of Complaint
List the full name, address of the laboratory, facility or individual that is the subject of this disclosure:
(if known)
If you answered “Yes” above, provide the following information (if possible)
(if unknown, leave blank)
(e.g burglary, murder, etc.)
If you are not the defendant, please provide us with the following information regarding the defendant
3. Witnesses
Provide the following about any person with factual knowledge or expertise regarding the facts of the disclosure. Attach separate sheet(s), if necessary.
First Witness (if any)
Second Witness (if any)
Third Witness (if any)
4. Description of Complaint
Please write a brief statement of the event(s), acts or omissions that are the subject of the disclosure.
5. Exhibits and Attachment(s)
Whenever possible, disclosures should be accompanied by readable copies (NO ORIGINALS) of any laboratory reports, relevant witness testimony, affidavits of experts about the forensic analysis, or other documents related to your disclosure. Please list and attach any documents that might assist the Commission in evaluating the complaint. Documents provided will NOT be returned. List of attachments:
Files must be less than 64 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg png tif txt pdf doc docx ppt xls xlsx.
6. Digital Signature and Verification
I certify that the statements made by me in this complaint are true. I also certify that any documents or exhibits attached are true and correct copies, to the best of my knowledge.
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